Recently there has been a great deal of buzz about Waterproof Radios. Do not be fooled by the word Waterproof.

The above being said there is a degree of Water Protection in two way radios. Fostered by the Public Safety Sector of the market (fire fighting) Radio manufacturers have designed units that they may claim as being “waterproof”. This is a designation known as an IP Rating. IP stands for Ingress Protection or the ability of the radio to withstand the intrusion of dust and water. You will see an IP Rating of say 67. The first number (6) is the dust rating on the radio. a six means that the radio is impervious to dust entering the unit. The second number (7) is the water rating. In this case the radio will not let water penetrate if submerged to a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes . Any deeper for any longer and water will penetrate the unit. As the IP numbers go down say (54)the depth of water and time of submersion go down. Special batteries and seals are required on these radios. As stated these ratings are primarily for the Fire Fighting industry where radios are subjected to extreme water conditions such as soaking from Fire Hoses.


Retrieve the radio and take the battery off of it. Get it back to a professional to evaluate if there was any damage to the circuitry. If this is not able to be done immerse the radio in a bag of rice for 24 hours to suck the moisture out of it. If rice is not available leave it out in the sun or under an incandescent light bulb for few hours. This indirect heat should dry out the circuitry enough to use the radio. if it does not you may be out of luck on saving the radio.

When you rent radios from Dialcom they come with a Waterproof Guarantee. If the radio goes for a “swim” retrieve it, take the battery off of it , let us know , and get it back to us. Will replace it for the balance of the rental contract at no charge to you.

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