Satellite Phones are a mystery to most people.How and why do they work, we are asked most of the time. Just like Cell Phones ,Satellite Phones talk to Base units, that talk to land based telephone switches , that talk to other phones. The only difference with Satellite phones is that they talk to Satellites instead of Cell Towers.

This is the simplistic version of how these phones work . In actuality it is a very complicated system that gets the call to and from the phone. A call initiated from the phone is transferred to the closest Satellite. From there it is relayed to a “ground station” somewhere on the Globe. From here it is connected via the standard telephone network to the called number. The reverse happens when a call is made to a Satellite Phone. The satellites locate the phone and the call is complete.

At Dialcom we offer theMotorola 9505 Satellite Phone for rental. This unit is the Industry standard for reliability and ease of use. We also supply a spare Battery , along with a charger with the Phone. To protect the phone it is supplied in a crushproof and waterproof case.

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